Fine Art Photographic Prints

by Javier Roldan

Javier Roldan is a Spanish-Australian conceptual photographer from Madrid, who lives in Melbourne. He got his first DSLR in 2007. Since then he hasn’t practised photography consistently until 2015, when inspiration came back sudden and overwhelmingly during a short trip to New Zealand with his father. That trip and some others very special to him, plus the love experienced out of becoming a father, have fuelled his work until now and, as a matter of fact, his life.

Photography is not Javier’s day job, yet it has become a fundamental part of his life as a means to tell stories and let go emotions that otherwise would remain trapped inside him. After several awards and publications in books and magazines, Javier’s work is developing into creative edit, as one of the most effective vehicles to transport what’s in the imagination to an actual, tangible image. Photo compositions give him the freedom to create almost anything, works that are very personal, intimate, and only exist in his mind until everything is pieced together on the computer.

Javier is part of NewGen Creation's family and makes the prints himself to ensure quality and fidelity to the original image. Prints and then shipped from Australia to anywhere in the world using premium carriers.

You can find more about him at

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